An infographic is used to share information visually, make difficult data easily digestible, boost engagement and generate traffic.

Ever wonder how you can present your content in a concise, colorful and easily understood format with the use of images, icons, fonts, texts, and charts?

If you've answered yes; don't worry, you can.

In the form of an information graphic or infographic for short.

An infographic is a great visual to share your content in a lean, concise, and beautiful way to boost engagement and generate traffic.

Infographics work not only because they are 40% more shareable, but because when details are paired with an image we remember 65% more of it three days later.

Infographics have different:
  • dimensions
  • topics
  • type 
As a matter of fact, you can hire a professional to create an infographic for you.

But, if you're constrained by a budget or time here are a few DIY resources to help you make compelling infographics.

Tools for Designing and Creating Infographics 

1. Canva Infographic Maker 

 Free, along with upgrade to Canva for Work

Canva is an awesome drag and drop tool for creating amazing graphics for varying occasions.

If you're not using Canva yet, give them a try.

2. Piktochart 

Free, along with paid packages

Piktochart transforms your boring data into engaging infographics and presentations with a few clicks.
Picktochart is one of the first free infographic design software. Picktochart is drag and drop.


 Very limited free options, along with paid packages

With that said, has a large variety of graphs, maps, and charts. There's also the option to upload your own pictures and videos to create cool infographics.

4. Venngage

Free, along with paid packages

Venngage is simple and easy to use for creating and publishing infographics.

They have themes, templates and hundreds of icons and charts to chose from.

5. Freepik 

Free, along with paid packages

Freepik has tons of infographics and other graphic elements to use for numerous projects.

Pro Tip:As beautiful and informative as infographics are Google can't read them. Therefore, add related text immediately below your infographics. Usually about 200 - 300 words.

6. Zanifesto 

Free, along with paid packages

Zanifesto allows you to create affordable custom infographics with their easy to use builder.

With their invitation to "Create Something" who could resist!

7. Visme

Free, with paid packages

Is in beta and invites you to create amazing infographics, presentations and other content to engage with your readers. 

Visme says their builder is free and super easy.

Go ahead and find out. 

8. - free with pro package.

Is a web-based infographic tool with dozens of free easily customizable templates.


Free starter plan, along with paid upgrade boasts of awesome and automated infographics in 60 seconds.

10. Icograms 

Free, and newly launched and still in beta.

Icograms not only make infographics but isometric city maps, diagrams, and isometric illustrations.

11. Mind the Graph


Mind the Graph allows you to create beautiful scientific infographics and illustrations.


Free, and in beta

If you have the desire to create your resume in an infographic format, this is the tool to use. allows you to log in with Linked In and visualize your resume in one click.

Tools for Creating Charts (pronounced Char-teh-Kah) is used to produce charts to add to your content, documents or presentations.

Free Infographic Templates

  1. Free Infographic templates
  2. Hubspot Templates
  3. Template Monster 
  4.  Design Maz

Recommended Reading...

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  4. Neil Patel's article on how to create infographics that can generate 5000 views per month.

6 Traits of the Perfect Pinterest Infographic

6 Formulas for the perfect Pinterest infographic

Over To You

Go ahead and start upgrading your content by adding an infographic or two.

What's your favorite tool to make infographics?

Have a great one that's not on my list?

Share it in the comments.

And remember:

Do something to grow!

An infographic is lean, concise, and presents information in a way that is visually appealing and easily understood.  Because of this, they generate a lot of traffic and is a great way to add content upgrades to your posts. A compelling infographic is of a certain dimension, color, and type.  Learn how to make more amazing infographics with this list of 8+ tools.  Plus, you can grab some awesome free templates if you're yet to start or want to up your infographic creating game!

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