How to Start a Blog

Start your blog in 5 minutes with the Bluehost WordPress Combo because WordPress is the preferred blogging platform of 20% of all the websites in existence.

I want to start, but how the heck do I go about it?

I know it's a great idea because people are asking me where they can get more.

And as far as I can see, that's a shoe-in for me.

So that's one hurdle down!

But with so much information on the web, I'm in the throws of information overload.

It's like there's a hive of bees buzzing in my head and heart too to get this all out!

Everyone's telling me what to do, but who do I listen?

Damn it! It's all so confusing.

Where do I start?

I'm great at setting goals: whether short-term or long -term.

What the Experts Have to Say 

The experts will tell you:
  • To get started and don't wait until "everything" is in order. 
  • To get a domain and sign up with Bluehost to get a WordPress blog or website hosted.
  • Produce evergreen content that will help people.
  • Choose a theme and figure out branding elements like a logo and colors and
  • add an opt-in form to start growing your email list. 
"Now I'm getting somewhere!" he exclaimed.

Before we go any further, though, let's define some terms to add some clarity.

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What's a Blog?

As a kid, I kept journals for:
  • books I read and loved;
  • quotes or sentences I loved from books I read;
  • riddles;
  • cricket scores and cricket teams and cricketers I liked;
  • short stories and poems that went on for verses...
  • and yes, even one where I wrote about the guy I had a crush on;
  • what I'd like my life to be when I grew up; 
  • and a collection of cookbooks
 A blog is like that.

A journal where you speak about things that matter to you.

What you're passionate about.

So a blog is a regularly updated journal written in a conversational informal tone run by an individual -you, or a group - you and your friend(s).

The only thing is, you use a computer and the internet as opposed to a notebook and pen.

Blogs are started and continued for numerous reasons.

Why Start a Blog?

  1. To quickly communicate and spread information and news.
  2. Express yourself and share information with others. 
  3. Become a better writer.
  4. Become a better person.
  5. Start a new career.
  6. As a side hustle. 
  7. Get more exposure for an existing business.

What's a Domain?

Teaching and learning are such fun, but it can be jaw dropping when the student screams like a banshee at the teacher, "Get out! This is my domain".

That's what happens after lessons encouraging the pupil to incorporate words learned into their vocabulary.

So, in everyday terms, a domain is an area or territory that is controlled or governed by a particular ruler.

For example, your home is your domain. You are:
  • the boss, 
  • the ruler, 
  • the head of state. 
Your decisions are final and you're consulted before final decisions are taken.

When you think of domain think of kingdom, empire, dominion and realm.

It's the same with you having a domain on the web.

It's simply the place on the internet where your blog with all its content lives, reigns and rules over all.

So its address would be the URL.

The name you choose is a part of the URL.

Examples of domain names are:
Whiles examples of an URL is:
  • and 

What's Hosting or Web-hosting?

Parties are not my thing, but I've gone to a few because the host is a close friend, family member or co-worker that I want to support.

I'll accept some invitations more readily than others because their hosting is superb and I actually have fun.

When I attend, I feel welcomed, and I'm given technical support when needed like where to find the little girls room.

I feel appreciated when they pop in from time to time to see how I'm doing and if I need anything else.

So, hosting is the act of storing a website, data or blog on a server or another computer so that it can be accessed from the internet.

The act of storing is carried out by what is known as a web hosting or hosting company.

Just think of it as a computer's hard-drive storing (saving) your blog.

What's a Blog or Blogging Platform? 

A blogging platform is like the venue for the party. Like the golf club or the yacht club.

So a blog platform is a software that you use to publish the content on your blog.

Basically, where the parties at!

Some venues only host some type of events, while other's no matter what the event, it's always a hit!

And this is the type of blogging platform and web hosting provider you should use.

One's that have proven time and time again their value to their customers.

Once we understand and accept that the only thing we can truly rely on always being around in this life is change we'll be better equipped to move forward and grow.

The Ever Changing Blogging Industry 

In the blogging industry, there are constant changes whether it be:

  • social media strategies and management tools.
  • Algorithm changes that will affect your blog. Whether from the Big G Google, from Pinterest or Instagram.
  • Acquisitions, like Facebook snapping up Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • Pantone color for the year.
Some of these changes are endless and at times confusing and debilitating.

But there are a few things that never changes when it comes to blogging.

And that is the WordPress and Bluehost combo.

BlueHost and WordPress Combination

This combination can be accomplished in as little as 5 minutes!

"Why Wordpress?"   he asks.

  1. WordPress is a FREE open source platform that includes countless themes and plug-ins.
  2. It's easy to set up.
  3. Secure; because they are always updating their software and making it hard for hackers to hack their way in. NASA, Sony, Ford, Samsung and some major universities all use WordPress blogs
  4. Highly customizable: make it as beautiful and highly functional as you want with themes and plugins.
  5. 20% of all websites in existence relies on WordPress.
  6. WordPress is web-friendly and is optimized for SEO and speed right out of the box.

Why You Should Use Bluehost Hosting Service for Your WordPress Blog

Bluehost is highly recommended not only because it is the only hosting service officially recommended by WordPress for the last 10 years but also because it:

  • has excellent customer service;
  • is reliable;
  • easy to use with an easy to use control panel (cPanel);
  • offers unlimited websites, email accounts, and domains. This is all one account at an affordable price;
  • 30-day money back guarantee with the option to cancel anytime;
  • has one-click WordPress installation provided by MOJO Marketplace to quickly get started.
  • Always working on improving its system.
  • Bluehost is also highly scalable where you can start small and move to more powerful features as your blog or site grows.

How to Speed Up the Process of Setting up your Bluehost-WordPress Combo

  1. Think about a domain name you want to use and see if it's available.
  2. Have your credit card ready for payment. If you've recently moved, double check to ensure which address is on the credit card you'll be using. And remember, you have to present the information exactly as it appears on the credit card or you'll have issues processing your transaction.

"I think I'll do it!

Let me just grab my wallet!"

Excitedly he goes off to grab his list of blog names he'd dwindled down to 5 and his credit card.

Use this tutorial to start your blog or website the right way.There's a ton of information, so go ahead and bookmark and pin for for later. Happy blogging and the best of luck to you and your business! Feel free to come again for more helpful tips to continue growing your business.

Tutorial to Set Up Your Bluehost Hosting Account

1. To get started, go to Bluehost's home page and click the green "get started now".

Either link will open in a new tab so you can go ahead while you refer to this tutorial.

Bluehost Home Page where you can get your WordPress blog.

2. Here you are to select your plan.

Choose your hosting package bearing in mind that the longer term purchase will lower your monthly rate to help you save money.
Choose a Bluehost plan

3. You'll have two options. Either to use a new domain name or to transfer an existing domain.

Select an option and start creating your Bluehost Account

Transfer Domain Name

Skip this "I have a domain name" step if you DO NOT have an existing domain name you purchased elsewhere.

The transfer option is if you already have a domain name. Transferring your domain will have a few extra steps to make sure your DNS is pointed to Bluehost.

New Domain

If you don't have a domain name, go ahead and select "New Domain".

The best part is, it comes FREE with your new WordPress hosting account purchase. And guess what, even if you are not totally sold on your domain name, you can add unlimited blogs and websites to your Bluehost account.

3. After entering your domain name you are required to fill in your personal information.

The email address you use to sign up will be the email address your receipt will be sent to. 
Create your account by inputting your personal information

4. There are a few additional offers at sign up that you can include based on your budget. One such upgrade is Domain Privacy Protection. This is a paid service allowing your personal information to be kept private on WHOIS databases.

Protect your information from WHOIS databases with domain privacy protection from Bluehost.

5. After filling in your account and package information, scroll to enter your payment information.

Payment information for your Bluehost Account
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the checkbox and then the "Submit" button to complete your purchase.

Click the Checkbox and then submit.

You are now signed up and able to log in to your account.

7. Check your email to find your login details.

Now for the exciting part.

Installing WordPress!

Installing WordPress Through MOJO Marketplace

Now that you've purchased your domain and hosting package, you now have a cPanel.

The cPanel is where the controls are for your hosting and has numerous icons for features and services connected with your Bluehost hosting account.

This part may seem overwhelming, but you can ignore roughly 90 -95% of them.

IMPORTANT: You're going to be presented with the option to "Let a Pro" install WordPress for you, but this you're going to ignore because it's something you can do for yourself easily!

However, if you believe you'll make a total muck of it, go ahead and have Bluehost do it for you if your budget can support it.

Let's Get to It!

  1. Log in to your account at Bluehost.    
  2. Enter your primary domain and password. Then click "Submit.     
  3. This will take you to your control panel where you scroll down to websites and select WordPress. 
  4. You'll be taken to the MOJO Marketplace on where you'll select the big green "Install" button.
  5. This provides a drop down menu to choose which domain we want to install WordPress on. Select the domain and click "Check Domain".
  6. Once this has completed select "Advanced Options" to set up the title of your site, username, and password. When setting up your password use something that's easy to remember. Make it strong by using capital letters, symbols- #%*- and numbers because the one generated by WordPress is strong yes, but extremely difficult to remember.  Once you've created your password, write it down and keep it safe.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions then click the green "Install Now" button that will start the WordPress installation process.
  8. You'll get a prompt to select themes, click out of it.

And that's it!

You're done!

"This does it. Now I can better manage my information overload", he sighs.


So you're now well on your way to a bright and successful future doing something you love and contributing in a way you've always dreamed of.

Recapping Bluehost Website Combo

  1. Your domain name is your personal address on the web where your visitors can drop in anytime.
  2. Hosting is the home of your blog's address plus the content on your blog.
  3. Creating a new blog or website, moving from whether a free platform or another paid platform is easy with Bluehost.
  4. It takes only a few clicks to have your own self-hosted blog with and Bluehost.
  5. These steps also hold true for starting a website. 
Great tools, inspiration and motivation goes into the mix for success.

Need More Help: Resources to Get You Set Up

Useful Resources to Get You Going

1. Here is a series of videos to help you get set up and acquainted with your new blog.
2. Grammarly is an English language automated proofreading platform. It makes you write better across the web (social media, email, and other tools) by pointing out and allowing you to correct errors in your grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
2. Sumo the best tools to help you with building your email list and more.
3. For Email Marketing and List Building, you can go with MailChimp - free up to 2000 subscribers- AWeber, or ConvertKit.
4. Use these Social Media Management Tools to promote your posts.

  • Buffer
  • HootSuite
  • Tailwind is used for Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and analytics.
  • BoardBooster is for scheduling and maintaining your Pinterest account.
  • Viraltag is also used for Pinterest and Instagram scheduling.

5. A Pinterest business profile is a great way to get your message across to your target audience.

You can make your existing Pinterest account into a business account or create a new one specifically for your business.

In this case, you'll definitely need one of the above-listed tools to get you scheduling to have maximum impact.

If you need help setting this up let me know here. Include Pinterest Account in the subject line.

6. Images are costly and take a ton of time to find if you don't know where to look. Here's a list of sites where you can access high-quality free images for a number of categories.  And this one is for styled photos.

7. To go with your images, you're going to need a quick and easy tool to create beautiful graphics for your posts. And for this, you can use:

Wrapping Up

Get started now and don't wait until you "have everything" in place because you'll be sorry you did later.

The best and cheapest way to get your business online this year is the Bluehost and WordPress Combo.

For the amount of money to set up and the potential future earnings, the ROI is great.

If you enjoyed this tutorial please consider bookmarking and sharing it with your friends. I'd appreciate it!

Do something to grow!

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