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Finding a picture to create the perfect image for a post can be daunting. I've found that to be proactive as opposed to reactive in gathering photos has saved me a ton of time and frustration. In my quest I came across these sites. I know you'll find it useful, so go ahead and bookmark as well as share with  a friend.

The Problem 

The part of my blogging that takes the most time is locating a suitable picture to design a beautiful and engaging image.

I write and edit the post in a jiffy, but getting THE right picture to design THE perfect image is what takes up most of my time in creating and publishing a post.

Make your images unusual, unique, relevant and engaging to get more interactions.
Picture Source: jurvetson

Doesn't matter if it's a blog or social media post.

Whatever the outcome, I'm never truly satisfied. Know what I mean?


One solution is to create a folder with several subfolders to which you save images.

For example, you'd name the main folder "Images" and the subfolder:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • Blog Header
  • Tumblr 
And so on.

When you grab the pictures, make a note as to what it stirs in you and where you downloaded it.

It doesn't have to be completed sentences. Words and phrases will do.

This way, when you need to create a post you'd already have a stocked stash of pictures ready for the editing as well as the source: just in case you need something similar.

This is important because each media requires a different size image.


By the way, taking your own images is highly recommended as "non-stock looking" images get more interactions.

And you don't need any fancy equipment either: at least in the beginning.

Taking your own photos is highly recommended because "non-stock looking" photos get more engagement.

If you've got photography skills maybe later you can invest in more professional photography gear.

For now, whip out your smartphone and snap away. 

If you'd like to take it up a notch, you can invest in some photo display boards


Do not search for images on Google to use in your posts! 

There's more than a 50% possibility you might get into trouble.

After going through this list you wouldn't need to anyway.

Make sure every image you use you have permission to do so.

IvoryMix Styled Photography. Home of well design graphics for social media and blog posts and other communication documents. Styled photos for your industry.

Remember to compress your images so as not to compromise your blogs load time.

Here is a list of places where you can access quality images. 

Important note: Make sure to check the license of pictures you intend to use. Not all images found on these sites are for modification and or commercial use. 

  1.  CC  - Creative Commons - Search has images you can share, use and remix from multiple sources.
  2. Pixabay has an enormous collection of free images and videos you can use anywhere. 
  3. Flickr
  4. Looking for space related images. Check out Nasa on the Commons.
  5. Kaboompics has free high-quality images in 6 main categories.
  6. Foodies Feed as the name suggests has free food photos.
  7. Picography has free high-resolution pictures to use how you like. You can also have them send you new pics every month.
  8. Refe Free photos have multiple categories of free high-resolution pictures.
  9. Jay Mantri provides great pix to make magic.
  10. Start Up Stock Photos offers technology, start-up and business photos for free. 
  11. Fancy Crave provides free photos from professional photographers in various categories.
  12. Life of Pix provides free high-resolution images for commercial and personal use.  
  13. Snapographic has free images to create amazing web designs.
  14. Lock and Stock Photos are free to use however you please anywhere and anytime.
  15. Unsplash makes a splash by providing great free stock photos to do whatever you want. 
  16. Foter offers 335 million free high-resolution photos in various categories from its community.
  17. Deviant Art is not the easiest to search but does have stunning images.
  18. Animal Photos is a well of outstanding animal pictures. Some images though require credit be given to the creator. 
  19. Pic Jumbo has totally free amazing images from numerous categories. 35+ Best Free Photography Websites
  20. Car Pictures as their name suggests is all about cars of all size, age, color, and type.
  21. Open Clipart has an unlimited and royalty free set of images.  
  22. has a vast set of free clipart to use for anything you like.
  23. CompFight is a search engine for images tailored to effectively locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research.
  24. PhotoPin is a source of free CC images for bloggers.
  25. Death to the Stock Photo sends you monthly images to use on your blog, mockups, social channels or just to hang on your wall for the hell of it.
  26. With Little Visuals you have to sign up to get hi-res images zipped to your inbox every 7 days to use at your whim.
  27. Gratisography has great free images for commercial and personal use.
  28. SplitShire royalty free photos and images for commercial use.
  29. IM Free offers only high-quality resources for web design, images, and other design images.
  30. New Old Stock provides vintage photos from the public archives.
  31. Stock Snap has great high quality high-resolution free images.
  32. Free Nature Stock has some spectacular royalty-free nature photos to use however you want.
  33. Photo Collection showcases free images on various topics.
  34. StreetWill provides a large collection of free top-notch photos to use any way you like. 
  35. Je`shoots have a great mix of cool and free high-resolution photos for business and personal use.
  36. Realistic Shots has free high-resolution photos for personal and commercial use.
  37. Function provides free quality photos to use anyhow you like.

There are many different licenses on photos. Be sure to check, and if in doubt give credit.

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