the dot com lifestyle and you

The Dot Com Lifestyle and You

The Dot Com Lifestyle was created to alleviate issues with your external and internal needs as it relates to you growing a successful business.

Your external or tangible needs include you:

    • Wanting help with setting up a blog.

    • Need more traffic.

    • Have a technical challenge.

    • Want to learn a technique that helps your social media efforts.

While your internal needs revolve around:

    • Your frustration with not getting any results.

    • You're fearful you'll look stupid.

    • You're worried that you're wasting your time.

    • You're struggling with confidence.

    • You're concerned if you have what it takes to be successful.
But most importantly, the Dot Com Lifestyle Your Way is here to give support in the form of quality actionable information and encouragement to anyone who wants to live the dot com lifestyle.

The dot com lifestyle isn't only for bloggers, but for:

    • Social media managers with a smartphone or phablet

    • Creating a business with only an email list

    • A freelance writer

    • A freelance web designer

    • A freelance graphic designer

    • A freelance videographer

    • A freelance artist

    • A musician 

    • A beats creator

    • An app developer

    • A drone photographer/videographer

    • And all the other careers that are outside of the status quo of doctor, lawyer, teacher, civil servant,       Indian chief.

It's Hardest at the Start

Becoming a respectable and well-read author is one of my many dreams. 

I was an excellent reader by the age of 4, and at my ripe old age I still marvel at how well some authors use the written word to:

    • Inspire others to greatness

    • And provide great entertainment
Lack of knowledge or too much knowledge can have similar effects such as:

    • Demotivation

    • And fill your being with self-doubt 
 About Me Shelly-Ann Smalling

About Me 

But giving up is not a part of my core, nor should it be a part of yours.

Hi, I'm Shelly, and I've failed miserably at many things, but instead of giving up, I approach the same problem from a different angle and overcome most of them.

My life has not turned out the way I planned. And I'm quite sure my family and friends are not too thrilled with me either.

But that's okay. While it's okay to make your friends and family happy, it is also imperative to follow your dreams and your life how you envision it. 

After all, what good is life if you live it for everyone, besides yourself?

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. - Steve Jobs

My Dot Com Lifestyle Journey

In my search, I've come across some profound individuals who make what others try to make so difficult - for profit- so manageable. People like:

  • Ramsay Taplin who teaches about creating a blog as a beginner, how to grow your blog, and how best to monetize your blog so it does not take away from my reader's experience.
  • Darren Rowse who is mightly kind with his posts and job board.
  • Jon Morrow who inspires with his words of encouragement, kicks you in the ass when you do   crap, and writes like a maven.
  • Melissa Culbertson who taught me and provided the tools to use on Pinterest.
  • Yaro Starak who produced and gave away a powerful Blueprint that re-kindled my dream.
  • Henneke with her vivid stories on how to improve my writing.
  • Saira Perl who is so generous with her time and knowledge in helping moms build and grow to their true potential.
  • Erica Douglass with a well written and actionable Manifesto that's a great cheat sheet.
  • Peg Fitzpatrick with her actionable Social Media strategies has me growing my social media    accounts daily.
  • Brian Dean and his white-hat actionable SEO tactics are a true inspiration.
  • And the Social Media Examiner who started it all.   

My Biggest Failure to Date 

One of my biggest failures to date is not having a successful blog. 

One that inspires, encourages and fosters a sense of community.

One where I solve a problem for a reader.

What I Did Instead

Instead of creating a blog from scratch, I joined a community that allows me to write about what I love. 

To date, I have 3 featured articles on Hubpages (this is work-in-progress).  

I don't have tons of traffic for these pages, and has only made $0.13, but I'm happy.

After attempting to have a useful online presence since 2012, I proved to myself that I can most certainly do it.

    • I can research and create quality content for others that is not a lesson plan or assignment.

    • I can earn an income from doing this too.

Having a Passion is Only Half of the Journey

I know it's not enough to have only passion, as it takes a change in your mindset, a few tips, tools, strategies, and a budget.

When I started out on my journey it was horrible.

I paid for assistance and was promised results if I did it their way.

I got fewer results while paying out more money.

Know why?

Because I was given only the basic information for things I and thousands of other bloggers were struggling with, but not what to make us grow and be successful. 

It didn't help me because I was a virgin newbie. Redundant I know!

Absolutely clueless.

As a result, the information provided was useless. 

Looking back, it was more suited for a blogger with a bit of experience and a larger budget than I had. 

Hence, the knowledge to know it was all crap.

Transitioning the language was also a barrier. 

There are more than 200 million published blogs, and they were started for almost an infinite array of reasons.

I've started 3 blogs that flopped. Miserably. 

I had a very limited budget.

I was naïve. Therefore, I was scammed. Many times.

I was desperate. 

I was made more desperate because I was ill and unemployed.

Yes, I've longed for the opportunity that would allow me to work from home. 

Even when I was in high school I dreamed of this.

I've always been process driven. One step leading to another. 

Like a production line for cars. 

Notetaking, my saving grace

Note-taking: My Saving Grace

In my journey, I've learned quite a bit. I've always liked to take notes. It makes it more permanent for me. It's like writing it in my memory banks. 

So, on my journey of the Dot Com Lifestyle My Way I made notes.

When I couldn't find unbiased step-by-step information on how to:

    • Choose a blogging platform.

    • Design graphics.

    • Choose a hosting provider.

    • Effectively use social media to drive traffic.

    • Find free tools and how to use them.

    • Write content.

    •  Couldn't find quality free photos.

    • And a whole host of other things
I want to alleviate that part of the stress for you.

Address your Hunger Issues: This is No Game.

Many people start an online business because they are hungry.

    • Hungry to share their vast knowledge with their audience.

    • Hungry to be noticed.

    • Hungry to be appreciated.

    • Hungry to be an influencer. A mover and shaker in their space.

    • Hungry to be self-actualized.

    • Hungry to be financially secure.

    • Hungry to work from anywhere at any time.

    • Hungry to spend time with their loved ones.

    . Hungry to give back.


Simply hungry from lack of food. 

I don't know:

  •      All the best quality free services and apps.
  •     Stock photo sites.
  •     Blogs to read to help you and I improve our blogs.
  •     All the best designing sites like Canva and Adobe Spark.
  •     All the best free, inexpensive or paid services to manage social media accounts.
  •    The best online courses to take.

My Promise to You 

But I do promise to make them known as soon as I find out.

If you've got one or know any you'd like to share, shoot me an email.  
To make any sort of income online is not an easy feat, as it takes hard work and dedication.

You also need patience as the success you're looking for won't come overnight. 


In order to make your blog and online business into a profitable thriving business, you need to get more readers and build new relationships. This will help you to live not just the Dotcom lifestyle your way, but a lifestyle you've always wanted. 

It takes time to get the word out and create an audience.  So take the time to start today to safeguard your future.

If I can create a blog that has roughly 35 social shares and more than 1200 visitors in one month, without spending a dime, so can you.

Be sure to know I'm in your corner and is your number one fan.

I'll gladly follow you on your preferred social media and help you spread your word as much as possible.

You can find out more about me here.

You can also reach me by email or follow along on:

Thank you for visiting and hope to hear from you soon.

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