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July 28, 2016

If you're only reading the first sentence today, then the key takeaway is:

One tool that can effectively get your message across to your target audience is Twitter.

To find out how continue reading.

Let Social Quant help you grow a targeted Twitter audience that'll engage with your content because they've already done it for more than 10M other Tweeters.

As a social media channel, Twitter plays an integral role in the growth and successes of many traditional and non-traditional businesses and they're making changes to continue doing so.

However, growing a Twitter community, can be taxing.

Working online like any other job takes time and effort and a few other characteristics to be successful.

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There's Help and Then There's Help 

As a solopreneur with a small budget and limited online marketing skills, I need all the help I can get.

Some assistance can place you in a worse off position causing you to invest time, money and energy into rectifying the issue.

Therefore, it's a great idea to try the assistance before you decide to invest:

Because this could end up costing you more than only money in the long run.

It can also cost you the reputation and credibility you labored so tediously to attain.

If you could have someone grow your Twitter community for you:

  • in 14 days;
  • without providing any credit card information; and 
  • providing a few keywords

would you do it?

The only thing required of you would be to:

  • check the performance of your keywords;
  • remove the non-performing keywords;
  • add a few relevant keywords and hashtags you think would perform better; and 
  • take a few suggestions.

Would you?

I did.

And my Twitter community skyrocketed by more than 40% in only 14 days.

After 19 days it mushroomed by 63% targeted followers.

I did this with "Twitter Growth Done Right" through Social Quant who has connected over 10,000,000 people and businesses on Twitter.

After growing my Twitter followers by 360% manually, it continued to strive organically until I got to roughly 1650 followers.

My account remained in the 1550 - 1650 bracket for a while until I decided it needed a bit of a growth spurt, so I decided to give Social Quant a try.

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My Journey With Social Quant 

At first, I was unable to create an account because I don't use Twitter on my phone so I had to add my telephone number to my account before I could start using their system.

After adding my phone number to Twitter, I was still unable to connect my account and submit my keywords.

I reached out to the company and the CEO himself advised me to try adding my information again from a link he provided and then to email him after I've done so.

I did this and everything was taken care of and I was then able to log in.

Alas, I couldn't see my dashboard because they were updating their system and there was a video by CEO Mike Kawula explaining all of this.

I didn't get in touch again because the video and emails provided ample information.

During this time, I got email notifications right up to when my dashboard was available.

I started out on Social Quant with 1659 followers and over the course of 19 days grew my community to 2771 followers.

My community continues to grow and I'm currently at 3045 followers.

Setting Up Your Account

When you set up your account, you're expected to submit some keywords as a guide for the app to use to bring you, targeted followers.

Of my 26 submissions, only 10 converted.

Bringing in 7 to 19 followers.

Social Quant showed me:

  1. My best-converting keywords for the past 7 days and of all time and how many followers it brought in. 

Your best converters should be 10% and higher. My highest converter gave 15.8%.

For both time periods, the information was the same because I was a new user.

      2. Worst converting keywords for the past 7 days and all time and how many followers they brought in.

Based on the data, I decided I needed to remove and adjust my keywords and include more long tail keywords.

But what to include?

You wouldn't believe my surprise when I got to the page and scrolled down.

A list of suggested keywords to use.

I was  thrilled!

I was disappointed though that there was not a little x beside the words to facilitate me deleting them from my list and a little check mark to add new words to my list.

Nevertheless, I happily highlighted, copied and pasted the entire list into the "delete these keywords" box and hit submit.

Naturally, I re-submitted the keywords that performed at 10% and above then copied some of the suggested keywords and submitted them for the other leg of my 2oo+ followers from Social Quant.

If you're worrying about how I found out who followed me through which keyword, I went to the users tab and selected "Back-trace users". This requires you to add the Twitter handle of at least 5 persons who followed you to find what keyword(s) got you connected.

The response is then sent to your email.

There's also a must follow users option which is used to follow influencers of your choice.

These are people you want to follow even if they don't follow you back.

Social Quant - Twitter Growth Done Right

Social Quant isn't flashy, but it is user-friendly, have a small learning curve and does what it says it will do.

And that is to get you targeted followers who'll engage with your content:

  • like, 
  • retweet, and 
  • @mention. 

 Social Quant gets you targeted followers who'll engage with your content. Period.

After 6 Days with Social Quant

After 6 days with Social Quant my followers grew by 17%.

After 13 Days with Social Quant

After 13 days with Social Quant my followers grew by 40%.

After 16 Days with Social Quant 

After 16 days with Social Quant my followers grew by 50%.

After 19 Days with Social Quant

After 19 days with Social Quant my followers grew by 63%.

And this is what Twitter Analytics said about it all.

This is what Twitter Analytics showed for the period including when I used Social Quant to grow my Twitter followers.

How to Create a Social Quant Account 

  1. Start by typing "social quant" into your browser (without the quotation marks) and press enter or click here and click on the red "Start My Free Trial" button. 
  2. Select "Free 14-Day Trial For..." You will be taken to the page below. 
  3. Click on the green "Free 14-Day Trial" button. This takes you to a form to be completed. 
  4. Fill out the form with the required information. 
  5. Click the red "Get Started" button. 
  6. You'll be taken to another form to insert your Twitter password. Insert it. 
  7. Then select the red "Authorize App" button.
  8. You'll be taken to the welcome page. Carry out the instructions and fill in the information to proceed. 
  9. Continue following the directives to start growing your targeted Twitter community.

Remember to pay special attention to the video that speaks to setting up your account and choosing your keywords.

I managed to grow my Twitter account manually and organically to 1600+ followers and felt a bit stuck in the rut.

With so many other things going on in my blogging and personal life, I needed the extra boost to get going.

And Social Quant outperformed my expectations by overdelivering.

Once I had my keywords in place and saw the number of targeted followers, I felt confident to move on to other tasks to grow my online presence.

Social Quant's Customer Service 

Their customer service is magnificent.

They're prompt, polite and provide the information and assistance needed.

I've gotten assistance from their:

  • support team, 
  • their CEO Mike Kawula, and 
  • David Boutin their Content Manager and Editor of the Social Quant Blog. David is also a Customer Satisfaction Specialist. 

Connect with Mike @MikeKawula and David @dmboutin.

The only other online presence who has provided me with such excellent service are BlueHost and Netflix.

Social Quant's Selling Points 

For me they were sold when:

  • I could access their service without providing a credit card.
  • I got excellent service from all levels of staff.
  • I visited their blog and found articles with actionable steps to make me a better Twitter marketer; and
  • when they launched a book and gave it away for the first few days.

Yes. Free.

The Book of Social Quantix

The book Twitter Marketing That Sells... is authored by Mike Kawula and David Boutin.

This book for me is a Twitter bible.

It can be used for any level of Twitter marketing.

So, if you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, whatever, there is something to take away.

Even if it's only a reminder.

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Lessons Learnt from Social Quant 

  1. Have a bio that represents who you are to your targeted audience. 
  2. Use a cover photo that better reflects your brand.
  3. Make your pinned tweet something valuable for your business to drive traffic back to your site/blog. 
  4. It is possible for a Twitter novice to grow a targeted community.
  5. It is also possible for a novice to get likes, retweets, and mentions for their own content as well as for sharing others content. 
Social Quant has grown over 10 million individual and business Twitter accounts with an engaged targeted audience. And you can too, in only 14 days.


n Working with Social Quant has been a great experience of how a business should operate.

  • Deliver quality products.
  • Provide value to your customers.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Do what you say you would.
  • Over deliver all the way.
  • And give public shout outs to your customers.

What's not to love!

Over to You 

Come on, even if you have a large community there's no harm in making it larger.

Give Social Quant a go and gain more targeted followers.

What do you have to loose?

Thanks for stopping by, share this article if it makes sense and happy Tweeting!

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