How to Sell Anywhere With Shopify

May 10, 2016

building shopify ecommerce store

Taking Control 

As we've discussed, the dot com lifestyle is not only for bloggers, or social media managers.

But for anyone who uses a computer or smartphone, and the internet to access:

  • financial freedom and 
  • the ability to work from anywhere at any time.

So, if you've ever dreamed of having an online store that sells:

  • T-Shirts, 
  • jewelry, 
  • photographs, 
  • toothpicks, or 
  • witches brooms, 
then thanks to technology and Shopify you can make your dream a reality.

One of the best options for smoothly creating and operating a successful online store is through Shopify.

With Shopify, building a beautiful and secure online store has never been easier.

Quick question:

Did you know that Shopify also supports other sales channels?

That means you can sell your products directly from the mobile-friendly websites and apps people use every day.

And not only through your static store.

Instead, you can go out and meet and gather your customers where they hang out.

With Shopify, you can sell on multiple channels through one simple platform.

Plus, all sales are managed right from your Shopify dashboard, making it simple for running your business.

Read on to learn more about Shopify’s channels.

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Shopify's Channels

Whether you are tech savvy or a technophobe, Shopify makes it simple to integrate your social media accounts such as:

  • Pinterest, 
  • Facebook, and 
  • Twitter.
There's also a buy button, as well as a point of point of sale (POS) solution.

Buy Button

With the "Buy Button," you can:

  • Add a mobile-friendly and secure shopping experience to any website.
  • Embed products, collections, or a shopping cart.
  • Sell for only $9/month.
use shopify to create your online store

Point of Sale - POS

Allows you to:

  • Make in-person sales with a mobile device and a Shopify card reader.
  • Accept any payment method.
  • Sell in store with the Retail Package.


With Facebook, you can:

  • Add an always-visible Shop section to your Facebook page.
  • Launch a fully integrated store on your page.
  • Grow your reach and your community.


At one point Pinterest was a powerhouse for anyone, especially affiliates, to sell online.

However, they nixed this practice as it was interfering with the experience Pinterest wanted for it's users.

Nevertheless, Pinterest and Shopify has a wonderful relationship where you can:

  • Use Buyable Pins to sell on Pinterest.
  • All products pinned from your Shopify store will automatically become Buyable Pins.
  • Customers can checkout without leaving the Pinterest App.


If you're familiar with Twitter cards, you'll understand the principle and relationship between Shopify and Twitter. In that:
  • Any product that's tweeted from your online store will automatically include a Buy Button.
  • Checkout happens seamlessly without customers having to leave Twitter.
  • Grow your Twitter audience and reward your followers.


Managing several channels should be every bit as simple as managing one.

With Shopify, you get a single place to run your eCommerce business, and one, unified platform for managing all your channels, products, orders, customers, and analytics.

Make commerce mobile as shopping on the go from anywhere is the future.

Now it's your turn...

Learn more about Shopify channels so that you can truly sell anywhere and live the dot com lifestyle your way.

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