The Dot Com Lifestyle: Is It In Your Future?

April 12, 2016

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To think one year, three years, or even five years from now:

You'll be remembering how you were slaving away to make ends meet.

Realizing that was such a crummy way of life.

Always thinking.


And hoping for a better opportunity.

The next vacation.

Instead, you've now created a life you don't have to escape from. (Seth Godin said something to this effect).

Only working four hours for the week.

You're traveling the world and completely free. All thanks to your trusty little laptop.

Having fun:

Because you've built your work around your life.

That was real, wasn't it.

Well...that was only me in my Alice in Wonderland mode.

What is the Dot Com Lifestyle?

The dot com lifestyle is a rewarding yet challenging career path that offers:
  • freedom of location;
  • freedom of time; 
  • and financial freedom. 
It is a path that places the participant well on the road to self-actualization.

Why We Fail to Live the Dot Com Lifestyle

One of the main reasons why so many of us fail at acquiring the Dot Com Lifestyle is because we don't take it seriously.

We don't see it as a business:

We see it as a way of making some extra income, and as a result, don't put enough time and effort into making it work.

Ask yourself this question:

"Would I blog the same way if I'd invested $10,000 or $100,000 to start?"

Negative Thinking Equals Negative Results

Much of it is also fear.

Fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.

You are what you think. The law of attraction is as powerful as Karma. Know the popular saying about Karma.

Karma is a … you finish it.

Titling our blog as "a business" speaks to commitment. And commitment means:
  • work;
  • altering our past conditioning, self-doubt, and other limitations.

Benefits of the Dot Com Lifestyle

The most enticing aspects of the Dot Com Lifestyle are:

  •     You can work for as little as two hours per day. The freedom of time.
  •     You can work from anywhere in the world. Location freedom.
  •     It can offer you rewards far greater than any other business. Such as allowing you to let your     parents stop working. And to set up trust funds for your children, siblings, nieces, nephews       or charities. Financial freedom.

Mindset For Success

But, if we alter our mindset it can be achieved.

Therefore, if it means you pretend as if you've invested $100,000 to be successful:

Make like a name brand and just do it.

Committing doesn't mean you have to work harder than you did in your 9 - 5.

Only smarter.

Change your thinking and your life will change as well.

The 3 Cs in life: Choice. Chance. Change.

The Way of the Universe

If you appreciate the things you already have and start thinking "My life is great!" then you will attract things that are great.

And the reverse is true.

If you think "My life sucks". You got it. You'll attract things that suck.

Regardless if this makes sense to you or not:

It is how the universe works.

It is the Law of Attraction.

When you make yourself sick with worry about all the overdue bills  and those becoming due. Are they paid?

I always wonder why the birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question.

Try this instead.

  1.  Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.
  2.  Fold the paper in half, length-wise.
  3. On one-half write the word "Have" at the top.
  4. On the other half write the phrase "Have not".
  5. On the half that has "Have" write in each line what you have. Number each item.
  6. On the half that has the phrase "Have not" write the things you would like to have. Number each entry.
  7. Take 5 minutes to complete this exercise.
  8. Get more paper if you need it.
  9. Compare both lists.
  10. Answer the question below. (When you click on the link, it will open in a new window.)

Which list is longer? 

    11. Then, speak to yourself honestly. If you'd like, you can do a Dear God or Dear John letter.
    12. Take action!

Habit For a Lifetime 

Make it a habit to be thankful.

3 billion people live on less than $2 per day.

1.3 billion people scrape by on less than $1 per day.

70% of those living on less than a dollar per day are women.

Say, "Thank you" for the number of blessings you're able to count:

Because believe it or not, many people in this world of 7.4 billion cannot.

Did you know the kid working at one of your favorite fast food outlets, earns more than 75% of the world's population?

hungry children

Surprisingly, this is a reason why some bloggers start a blog.

To dampen their own hunger.

And the hunger in their neck of the woods.

Open yourself to all the blessings the universe has to offer by:
  • Being thankful each day. Make it a point of your duty to say out loud "Thank you" each day regardless of your situation.
  • As the songwriter says, "Count your many blessings one-by-one."
  • Appreciate what you already have.
You'll feel:
  •      less stressed.
  •      Better; more enlivened.
  •     Your spirit lifting.
  •     Your fears and anxieties chased away.
  •     And most importantly, you won't be in such a foul mood all the time. 

Have you heard?

Procrastination is the greatest of sins.

Do not put off what can be done today for tomorrow.

15 Sentences that can change your life.

Welcome to the Future

Don't wait for the future:

Because the future is already here.
  • Don't wait for the "perfect time" to create and publish your blog or the "one thing" you are burning up to do.
  • Don't think about the comments they'll make about your ugly blog.
  • The thing is, once you start, you're driven to maximize its full potential.
  • It’s the process of growth.
You didn't wake up one morning and flawlessly applied your make up.

You perfected your skills.

Making it a permanence in your life with daily trials and errors (sorry guys, but you get the gist).

When you got a compliment about how beautiful you look, you automatically filed it away for later use. Then you start thinking about trying the same technique but with different colors.

Over time, you became more proficient and critical too.

You look back at your old yearbook and …yikes! Was that really me? What was I thinking?

You've evolved.



And all because of your experiences.

And your experiences weren't only fueled by your taste, but by changes in trends.

Do not equate your business (Yes! Your blog is a business.)  with how it looks on the outside - in this case, the design.

Instead, equate it with the value you are providing your readers.

The problem(s) you're helping them solve.

The peace of mind it affords them.

One less stress for them to think about:

Turning that frown upside down.

Make your content valuable to your customers.
  • They don't care that you work out of your home.
  • Nor do they care that when you're talking to them on the phone, you're bare-footed and there's likely a hole in your t-shirt.

Listen to This Station: WIIFM 

Instead, they ONLY care about "What's in it for me?" - WIIFM.

How you, help them.

Remember, perception is based in the digital realm.

Inevitably, you'll have to make what your readers are seeing on the dang screen look good.

If you truly want to taste success and live the dot com lifestyle, you've got to think day and night:
  • About your digital brand and its perception
  • Are you viewed as an influence - er - providing pillar content in your niche?
  • How do you come across to others online?

These and many more questions like them need asking, and clearly understood if you want to be successful at the dot com lifestyle.

This is not a one-time thing.

It's vital.

And will be on the forefront of your mind until your business no longer exists.


Welcome to your future.

Amazon started out selling JUST books.

If they'd started out trying to be everything to everyone on their first day, they never would have succeeded.

You've still got time to make 2016 your breakthrough year.

We've already covered one-quarter of 2016.

Regardless of where you are in your business, there's still time to make this your best year yet.

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