How to Purify and Add Sophistry All At the Same Time: Himalayan Salt Lamp

April 19, 2016

Decorating with the Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is not only:

  • a fabulous gift idea;
  • a great addition to your living area for added beauty and sophistication; or 
  • a new spring cleaning hack   
But it can improve your overall sense of happiness and well-being. 

Your Health is Your Wealth

If you are too ill to work, how will you earn an income?

Another way to say this is, if you are focused on getting better how are you going to be productive, creative and successful without adding further stress to yourself?

Over the years, I've worked mostly in industries that doesn't offer much physical activity. 

With long hours, working weekends and some public holidays, there was very little time scheduled for the gym. 

For a few years, I arrived at work at 6 a.m. and left at 6 p.m. with little more than bathroom breaks between.

Add to that a combined commute time of three and a half hours per day. 

The result. My:

  • metabolism slowed;
  • hair fell out;
  • feet swells sitting at my desk;
  • and I have joints that creak more than my 80-year-old grandmothers.     
And of course, I gained weight and now have other health complications.    

Dot com lifestyle my way, if I allow it, will have me living the same way I did as a Business Ed teacher, Trainer or Customer Service Rep. 

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

How I Stay Calm and Focused

Now, I'm proactive as opposed to reactive in my daily endeavors. 

  • I take frequent breaks between researching, writing, creating, distributing and promoting content.
  • I do basic yoga for at least 5 minutes each day.
  • I pay more attention to what I eat and take in more natural fiber.
  • I dress more comfortably.
  • When I watch television or use my laptop at night, I use a lamp with an amber 25-watt bulb, the light from my incense burner or my Himalayan salt lamp.  
  • Also, I use colors and other décor tactics to make my living space more calming, yet productive focused. 
 I do this with colors such as blue, white, and different shades of green.

A Busy Schedule

The dot com lifestyle can not only be hectic but also overwhelming at times:

Making it mandatory to have some "me time" where I can relax, meditate and unwind. 

The best thing about this "me time" is that it can be shared with others - family members, friends or pets. 

Having a mindset that is tuned to your goals is vital to success.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Lamp 

I first became aware of it when searching for a night light to give as a gift at a baby shower. 

They also make fabulous gift items for:

    • Some who read at night. 

    • Watches a lot of TV.

    • Uses a computer at night.

    • Has need of a night light.

    • Someone who likes unique things.

    • Someone who lives in densely populated areas such as New York or London.

Benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Not only do they also lend themselves to a bit of sophistry in your décor they are purported to have health benefits as well.

These includes: 

    • Body detoxification.

    • Relaxation, as it emits a calming amber light. 

    • Alleviates respiratory problems including asthma.

    • Decreases allergy and cold symptoms as it purifies the air in your living space.

    • Improves your mood in effect decreasing depression.

    • ADHD - improves concentration.

    • Increases alertness. 

    • Boost energy levels.

    • Supports immune system.

    • Decreases stress.

    • Decreases rheumatism symptoms. 

    • Improves skin conditions.

    • Blood system disorders.

    • Reduces insomnia and sleep disturbances.

    • Alleviates headaches. 

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is a chunk of Himalayan salt with a base made from wood that has a bulb inside. The chunk of salt varies in size from crystals to 13 inches.

There are of varying designs. One of which is a chunk of salt on a wooden base with a bulb inside the salt.

Some are made with crystals in a basket with a bulb in the center. 

While others are votives

What If You Could Bring This Effect Inside With You?

What makes this lamp so great is that it brings the outdoors inside.

Ever wondered why you feel so invigorated after being outside or after it rains? 

It's because then the air is packed with negative ions. 

And in this case, negative is good.

Here's why. 

Not to get too brainy:

But, an ion is a molecule that has lost or gained an electron through various environmental interactions. 

Ions can be either positive or negative.

Carbon dioxide is a positive ion.

And fresh air - oxygen- would be a negative ion.

People, like fire, cannot live without oxygen.

So if you lie on your stomach and stuff your face in a pillow, after a few seconds, your breathing becomes difficult. 

Without oxygen, your lungs and respiratory system struggle to keep you alive. 

Therefore, carbon dioxide has a bad effect on you.

However, if you let in some "fresh air" you'll begin to feel better.

Carbon dioxide is a known contributor to tiredness, lack of energy, tension, anxiety, asthma, depression, and irritability. 

As a result, we need to neutralize positive ions as they are harmful to us.

Placement of Your Lamp

Place your lamp wherever you spend the most time or where your air is impacted by electronics. 

You guessed it:

Television, computers, tablets, cell phones even florescent light releases positive ions in the air. 

Once lit, the lamp releases a calming amber color as well as negative ions in the air creating a similar effect to an ionizer.  

As the lamp is made from salt, it will melt if exposed to prolonged humidity. 

As a result, keep your lamp away from dishwashers, washing machines or showers. 

Most Useful

I find the lamp most useful:
  • after cooking beef or seafood, especially fried fish;
  • after a long day of errands;
  • when soaking my joints in the bath;
  • when reading before bed; and
  • while watching television.

How to Clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Like everything else, your salt lamp needs an occasional cleaning. 

To remove the dust particles and moisture from my lamp I:

  1. Switch off and unplug the lamp.
  2. After it cools down, I use a soft damp rag (you can also use a damp sponge) to wipe its surface: including the base. 


Are Himalayan Salt Lamps in My Future?

Hell yes!

I have two grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends in stress related occupations, plus Mother's Day is coming up.

What will I be gifting?

Himalayan Salt Lamps.

I'll make sure to get an extra box of 25-watt tubular bulbs as well to add to the gift.

That way, if their bulb goes bad, they have a back-up.

Wrapping Up

My well-being means the world to me.

Therefore, I do everything in my power to keep it intact.

And if that means plugging in a piece of salt - with a 25-watt bulb in the center - that is attached to a piece of termite proof wood:

I'm all for it.

Over to You

How will you maintain your health in the dot com lifestyle?

If you like or find this post helpful please share and pin for later. 

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